July 31, 2009


Death and organ donation are not a pleasant thing to think of, let alone discuss about. And if it's difficult for us, imagine how it might feel during the death of a loved one. The medical staff who fought to save the patient's life finds it just as difficult to accept death and talk about it.

Making a decision to donate the organs & tissues of a loved one who just passed away may not be easy. It is by pledging our organs and tissues during our lifetime that we make this decision-making process easier and less stressful for our relatives.

We were watching TV one evening when this organ donation issue pops up.
“ B, do you ever think of donating part of your organ when you die?” i asked
“Ya, maybe i may. I’ll give away my heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and my eyes!”
Excuse me? You are using very high power thick glasses, and you cannot live a day without cigarette!
Ok, probably just the kidney, then!
Huh! Hajat besar tu...!

July 30, 2009

The Boss

I have met many people in my years of working. I’ve worked for many good people and I have worked for few not so good people. I’ve worked for good bosses, and i’ve experienced work with a not so good big boss.

i’ve observed, a good boss always show their appreciation; acknowledge the skills and frequently tells their employee that they are an asset to the company. Good Boss likes to share ideas and listens to what the employees have to say, and would suggest improvements to make things better. They do not show who is wrong, but will tell what is wrong, and how to make it right.

Bad Boss fail to communicate, and may change their minds frequently leaving employees off-balance. They change expectations and deadlines frequently ; ignore employees until there is a problem, then pounce. They normally have favorite employees and will cover up and make excuses for the poor work of their incompetent favorites. They ignore selected people and discriminate against many employees. And when one resign, the famous phrases they like to use: hundreds of candidates are queuing outside the door with their resume to work for this company! (macam biasa dengar jer, hehehe!!)

Good Boss:
When the company share the profit with the employees, offers a generous bonus, rewards them appropriately on their contribution.

Bad Boss:
Will create much excuses to avoid giving rewards to the employee even when the company is doing well.
My current boss is quite reasonable and my work scope is more specific and under control compare to my past experience.
Still, my appreciation to my previous boss; you are the best so far!

July 29, 2009

hello there!

I’ve been a frequent reader to some interesting blogs for quite sometime; and finally i thought of trying creating a blog of my own. hey! why not...?! well....actually i m not sure if i really want to ; but, letme give it a try anyway! it might be fun after all. Selamat Datang, ZAS!