December 21, 2009


i lost my wedding ring few months back...! sayang tau.. i like that ring. i must have misplaced it somewhere at work place ; so careless of me.

hubby agrees to buy a new ring as replacement. last week we went to survey few "kedai emas" at Metro Kajang...and we found what we are looking for, a cute gold ring, a plaited design but with no diamonds! After we've picked the ring i thought of buying me a necklace since i saw one that i liked.

All in all the price is RM 3,400 ; hubby paid for the ring and i paid for the necklace... good deal! lepas ni i rasa nak beli rantai tangan lah!

Hmmm... ada lagi : next year nak mintak gold pendant plk form hubby! hehe! luv ya!

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