September 17, 2009

the blunder of PIZZA HUT

semalam i ada invitation berbuka puasa ngan a chinese friend kat Penang Village... kat great eastern mall. memandangkan org2 kat umah dah boring nak shopping kat pasar ramadhan so i orderkan Pizza for them to berbuka puasa. i sampai2 umah tros call the 1300 88 2525 ordering 2 large pizzas & mushroom soup & garlic bread - total amount RM55.55. ordering time 5.30 ; said to be delivered @ 6.15....ok, cantik!

6.00 pm me & B left home to meet my fren for buka puasa, the traffic was the very the horrible!!

a few mins b4 7 i called home just to find out if the pizza arrived : "NOT YET!" What?? i make calls to the 1300 number again, to be informed that the delivery is on the way! ok.. i buy that!

7.20 pm : i arrived at Penang Village, and i called home again and was shocked to hear that no delivery boy can be seen somewhere near! My God! i make call to 1300 again and was told that the restaurant was so busy but the delivery boy has already left! i was so angry but nothing much i can do. I called home to inform them to go and buy some foods for buka puasa and forget about the pizzas. Chiiissss!! so called the famous Pizza in town!

at 8.00pm i received call from home telling me it finally arrived.. i asked if they still want it and the answer is yes ; so I allow them to accept the delivery and paid the amount in FULL. ok, i want to rest the case. Suddenly I received another call from home telling me that it was delivered without the mushroom soup & garlic bread but the hand written bill stated the full amount of RM55.55. I was so fuming mad ; that's it, i m gonna black list Pizza Hut!

I dialled the 1300 number for the 4th time and was offered the branch manager's phone number for me to call and complaint! What?? they screwed up and i have to call their branch manager to make the complaint? So i told the lady on the other line; why don't you get the branch manager to call me? delivery were 90 mins late and you short delivered my order and over charged me; and now you want me to waste my credit to call again??? she said ok, she would get the manager to call me. Did the Pizza Hut branch manager call me? NO!
Well... now i know what kind of a service they provide.

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