April 28, 2010

*Getaway Plan

Belek2 calender ternampak ada Cuti Hari Wesak hujung bulan Mei ni, falls on Friday. Hmm.. menarik jugak tu kalau dapat pergi berjalan2. Then i thought, it would be nice to drive down leisurely to Cherating... I called RD and told her about the plan for a holiday in Cherating end May 2010; and she’s happy and willing to check around for the suitable resort accommodation near Cherating. I remember the last visit we stayed at the very nice Tanjung Inn and maybe we can stay there again, but unfortunately the place already fully-booked for that long week-end. Sedih.

RD then checked the Cherating Bay Resort and lucky me, there’s still rooms available. So i quickly called and made the booking for 2 nights stay. Later in the afternoon i submitted my leave application form...

Holiday in Cherating, something to look forward to....!!

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