August 12, 2009

the burden we are carrying

I really like this short inspirational story : A Minute Wisedom - A Lady and The Monk

Once upon a time, on a journey somewhere, two monks came across a pretty lady in distress, attempting to cross a fast flowing river.
The older Monk went up to the girl and said; "climb on my back and I will help you across”. The lady did as she was told. All three of them managed to cross the fast flowing river safely, the girl thanks the monks and went her way.

The two monks continued their journey. The younger monk however was very quiet and deep in thought. Later that evening, while they were resting the younger monk said; You shouldn't have done that, carrying the girl on you back. You should know that touching girls is against our rules and teaching!!!

To which the older monk replied, I have left the girl at the river bank hours ago! But it seems you are still carrying her in your mind till here.

Let’s see if we can apply the story to our personal lives. In many ways, every one of us carry heavy responsibilities in whatever we are doing... decide for ourselves, when it was already off-loaded and stop carrying it forever.

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