August 3, 2009

What Make You Stress?

What Make You Stress?
The first thing that came across my mind to the above question is the routine of the journey to the office and from the office back home. It’s not at all about the work, but the challenge one have to go through driving on KL’s roads. Just thinking about the traffic flow and the traffic officers already makes me sick! Everyday i leave home at 6.30 am and rush out from office at 5.30 pm on the dot! More often than not, everyday i reach home from work i’m more stressed than ever. I dread to think about going through the same routine for the rest of my “working for people” life. People drivers out there; please excuse my driving when i am on the road. I am not actually daydreaming and drive, but doing my thinking hard on how to materialize me starting own business a step away from home. I ni berangan nak bukak my very own kedai jamu.... dah lama dahhh....

Stress May Make You Itch! (Oh Ohhh!!)
Current research suggests that stress may activate immune cells in your skin, resulting in inflammatory skin disease. The related report by Joachim et al., "Stress-induced Neurogenic Inflammation in Murine Skin Skews Dendritic Cells towards Maturation and Migration: Key role of ICAM-1/LFA-1 interactions," appears in the November issue of The American Journal of Pathology.

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