August 19, 2009

Nowhere is Perfect

Aku teringat akan satu perbualan antara boss di tempat lama bertanya kepada seorang pegawai yang baru menghantar surat perletakan jawatannya.

"If you can find a place that are without any problems and office politics, let me know, i want to work there too"

So true, there would not be any! Do not expect the impossible. There's always something or someone that will be the pain in the ass anywhere you work place is. There's no such thing as a perfect organization in the real world.

Once you start a new job, give yourself a couple of weeks there, you will sure to hear something about what's happening in the office. It could be some complaints about the bosses, about the principal, or some gossips about the staff. You just can't escape such situation! Being new, do observe and be a listener, but do not quick to judge. Perhaps the situation is not as bad as what it said to be. Cuma ingatlah, di mana bumi dipijak di situ langit dijunjung! Apa2 isu di tempat kerja adalah cabaran yang harus kita tempuhi dan tangani. Itu adalah satu proses pembelajaran dan pengalaman kerja. To adapt to the new environment is to follow the flow, make new friends and be reasonable.

One might say, my new place is so good, i can now work happily and have a peace at mind here till i retire. That's bullshit! But, people can say i like to work at the new office now better than my previous employer. That's fair and acceptable. And it is real, as what i've experienced myself. My current work place is not perfect but i am much happy and appreciated here. Nevertheless, i am thankful for all those experiences that i've gained from my previous company i work with. With all those years of experiences i am here what i am now.

Aku percaya kepada rezeki Tuhan, cuma cepat atau lewat sesuatu itu berlaku ; tetapi yang pasti ia datang sekali dengan hikmahnya. InsyaAllah.

Of course, if one leaves for another job due to personnel problem, that person will not stay long with any company either. Therefore, the best way to ensure that you are not unemployed is to be self-employed.

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