August 13, 2009

try looking for a greener field..?

There is a situation:
a staff, W decided to resign from company X and to work with company Y, who is also a vendor to company X.
The BIG boss C, finds out and he got so angry and was so disturbed that he immediately instructed to blacklist company Y. Not only that, he wants all management to make sure that both ex-staff W and company Y will not allow to work / deny entry in all company X’s branches with immediate effect.

The consequences:
Company Y does not want to loose the business with company X and they still wants to continue the business relationship.
They are not aware that by hiring W to work with them actually jeopardized their chances to obtain more projects from company X.
They have to make the choice: save their business or save the new staff they are hiring.
Company Y would have thought to void the hiring of W and write to apologize to company X and to ensure they will not repeat such act in future. They are now back to the track again

The out come:
W would probably left with no work – he is looking for a better place with better earnings but now ended up jobless.

The questions:
The BIG boss C – is he happy and would he cares if W is jobless and how he is going to feed his family?

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